Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Witching Hour! #81

We Crypt dwellers know that nothing screams Post-Code HORROR! like DC's own The Witching Hour! (Unless, of course, it would be Unexpected.)

Tonight we travel the terror filled landscape that exists between the hours of midnight and, well, 12:01 am.

First up, from The Witching Hour # 81, sporting a sinister cover by Luis Dominguez, we have a story that does the idea of adoption no services - Two Faces of Evil with art by Tenny Henson and script by George Kashdan.

I like to think that I was never distrustful by natures but even I would start having some real warning bells going off if my husband started paying THAT much attention to our newly adopted hot seventeen year old daughter.

So, you say you've been staying up late obsessing over her every move and now, after a midnight trip to the lake for some father/daughter alone time she drown "accidentally"? Yeah, I'm calling the cops.

After a little witchcraft, I think we are all up for a little technological espionage. I know I am! And by little, I'm talking 3 pager with art by Pat Broderick and, once again George Kashdan on script. Enjoy Blind Frenzy.

Wow, Cynthia really has her shtick down. You've got to respect that.

Next up, we have a terror-ific sci-fi tale. See, The Witching Hour! always had something for everyone.

Once again with The Haunted Planet we have a George Kashdan script this time being drawn by Jerry Grandentetti.

Make sure to check out Teresa on page 3 and me know if you too think she look like she came directly out of Thunderbirds.

Wow, you really can't get much more Post-Code than that! Sleep well, if you DARE!


  1. I love the look of the water on the final page of "Two Faces of Evil" by Tenny Henson--the blue and black swirls make for a really nice effect.

  2. Nice of the blind prof. to switch on the lights in case someone else is around.

  3. Rob! I really like that look of that entire story, and yes I agree about the water.

    Anonymous: I have been laughing about the light switch ever since you mentioned it. I hadn't thought anything about it. Very nice!

  4. That was a good issue. Why don't I have more of these in my collection? (GASP) "Put down that KNIFE, Spectergirl!!"

  5. SpecterGirl: That Jerry Grandentetti stuff was amazing. I like that artist more and more! I have always loved his war comics stuff, but this is equally cool. More, if you please!

  6. Chuck: Ha! My horror collection holds its fair share of Witching Hour. To be completely honest I was drawn into comics originally by Neil Gaiman's Sandman. Like a sort of gateway drug, it wasn't long before I went searching for the various horror hosts that played a role in the title, the Three Witches, Destiny, Cain, Able, Eve etc. Now I don't read anything at all post-1975.

    Mykal: Yes, I do like Jerry Grandentelli's stuff and I'll see what else I have to post. I have been kind of partial to Tenny Henson work for a while now of which I have a bit of in Witching Hour and Ghosts.

  7. I hope you keep up this blog, I definitely find a charm in post-code horror and like finding out about it! I like that it's creepy by suggestion. I am starting to collect Phantom Stranger, other stuff I'm getting in Showcases - which I kind of like because comic horror looks good in black and white. Through that I've also discovered a liking of Grandenetti's stuff.

  8. Aaron: Believe it or not, i really do have every intention of continuing with this blog. I actually have a few nearly complete posts already to go but life has gotten so hectic that I haven't managed to finish up even one to post.

    I plan to have a new post here up tonight and hopefully I'll be posting regularly on all my blogs again shortly.