Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Visions and Vengeance" and "The Lonely Vampire"

Greetings all my dedicated Crypt dwellers. Tonight I wanted to bring you two spine tingling tales of terror about my favorite subject - Ghosts.

From DC Comics Ghost #103 first up we have a short one-pager pulled from the files of Dr. Geist. A man whose scientific methods of investigation could never be questioned. With art by Howard Bender and Tony Dezuniga, this case study may have you sleeping with the lights on.

Then Visions and Vengeance, a murderous tale of love, hate and murder. There is nothing like a man on the side to bring out your crazy. With David Allikas on Script and Greg LaRocque on Pencils.

Get out the flashlight, pull the covers over your head and read on.

(Cover art by Rich Buckler)

Now that I've set the mood.

For two years he's been her, what now?

"Back-Door Lover", eh? It's been years since anybody asked Uncle Ghosty to come in through the back door. Or any other door, for that matter. These days I'm more of an attic and cellar man.

We horror hosts don't get invited to a lot of parties. Well, at least I don't.

Fine! Don't invite me! Jerks!

But your old Uncle Ghosty isn't the only one who gets lonely. Just ask Baron DuMort. Not even his swingin' peace sign could stop him from being "The Lonely Vampire" from Ghostly Haunts #43, March, 1975. Scrypt by Joe "Thrill-Kill" Gill, art by "Putrid" Pat Boyette.

(Cover art by Pat Boyette)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ghoulish Getaways

Hell-o, boys and ghouls! Your old uncle Ghosty is back to bring you more of the- ahem! - best tales of post-code terror. First up tonight, a tragic little tale of a happy couple who have just returned to the groom's ancestral home to settle in as man and wife. And who wouldn't love a honeymoon cottage with all the amenities: crumbling, moss-covered walls, a freaky, giggling, senile old butler and, best of all, a mysterious, locked room with eerie noises.

Makes me nostalgic for MY honeymoon.

Here, from Ghostly Haunts #57 we have "The Game Keeper", written and drawn by "Terrifying" Tom Sutton.

(Cover art by Tom Sutton)

Poor Avis, barely a bride and already a widow.

But not all of us gals are the settling down type. Take swinging Fernanda in "Flight into Fright". In this terrifying travelogue our groovy chick take a dream vacation with two swinging bachelors both with looks AND money. And at least one of them has a leopard-print vest. Talk about happenin'!

From Weird Mystery Tales #14 you can thank writer George Kashdan and artist Ernie Chua for this trip of terror.

Settle back and enjoy this tale with the men in your life.

(Cover art by Luis Dominque)

I don't know about you, but I hate watching other people vacation films.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Unlikely Saviours

Welcome foolish mortals to the first two stories here on Spectergirl's Crypt of Post-Code Horror. To start this blog out right we have chosen two sinister stories with a common theme - Unlikely Saviours.

Apparently, when you can't be scary, surprising seems to be the next best thing.

My story of choice is a little, Charlton head-scratcher called 'A Special Victim' with story credits going to Joe Gill, Penciled by Charles Nicolas and Inked by Wayne Howard.


Well, Kiddies, I know I certainly wouldn't have expected Him to come back just to stop some witches. And speaking of the Unexpected, your Uncle Ghosty has brought you something nobody would have expected, "The Vampire of the Apes". Being a mouldering, old, comics host, there isn't much that takes me by surprise, but I have to say I never saw this coming...

Don't come crying to me when you've read it; blame this travesty on writer George Kashdan and Artist J. Jodloman.

Just like an angry mob, no sense of irony. Tch! Tch!