Friday, June 11, 2010

Vault of Evil # 11

Welcome back to another edition of the Crypt. Hope everyone is ready for more frightful tales. Tales too tame for everyone but we brave Post-Code Crypt dwellers.

This evening we will be bring you four terror-riffic tales from Marvel's 1974 Vault of Evil #11.

First up we have Burton's Blood! Originally printed in Atlas's Menace #2 (1953) this Stan Lee tale is made more horrific with some amazing art by Bill Everett.

Next, Vault of Evil brings us The Tomb. Again an updated story originally published in Atlas's Mystic #7 (1952) , no one claims the script but some fantastic art is provided by Gene Colan.

Now we have The Sinister Stone, a small three page tale with art by Ed Winiarski.

Finally Vault of Evil closes this issue with one final dreadful tale. Originally published in Marvel Comic's Astonishing Tales #4 (1959). Return of the Genie brings us art from the mythic Jack Kirby.


  1. man, what a great post! i haven't seen this much awesome art in one place in quite a while, great way to end a weekend!...

  2. really got your moneys worth circa early 70's reprint comics. marvel could cherry-pick sweet tales from their vast Atlas output~!

  3. I love that "Genie" splash page--just gorgeous.

    Do you think books like this could survive in today's comic marketplace? I'd love to see DC and Marvel dig out some obscure material that can't support a friggin' $50 hardover book and put it in cheap, affordable editions.

  4. Stan Lee probably learned early on: if you kick off a comic with a Bill Everett tale you better have some good back-ups... this one delivers!

  5. Prof: Glad you enjoyed them! This issue was certainly packed with great stuff. Sadly it is the only Vault of Evil issue that I have but I'm always looking.

    Lysdexicuss: I super got my moneys worth, I only paid a dollar!

    Rob!: I completely agree! I want reprints of the stuff that you only find through sheer luck, NOT in black and white and NOT a fortune!

    It is hard to image there isn't a market for this same sort of individual story reprint monthly. I know I'd buy it.

    Karswell: That bill Everett is awesome!