Monday, April 5, 2010

Unlikely Saviours

Welcome foolish mortals to the first two stories here on Spectergirl's Crypt of Post-Code Horror. To start this blog out right we have chosen two sinister stories with a common theme - Unlikely Saviours.

Apparently, when you can't be scary, surprising seems to be the next best thing.

My story of choice is a little, Charlton head-scratcher called 'A Special Victim' with story credits going to Joe Gill, Penciled by Charles Nicolas and Inked by Wayne Howard.


Well, Kiddies, I know I certainly wouldn't have expected Him to come back just to stop some witches. And speaking of the Unexpected, your Uncle Ghosty has brought you something nobody would have expected, "The Vampire of the Apes". Being a mouldering, old, comics host, there isn't much that takes me by surprise, but I have to say I never saw this coming...

Don't come crying to me when you've read it; blame this travesty on writer George Kashdan and Artist J. Jodloman.

Just like an angry mob, no sense of irony. Tch! Tch!


  1. SpecterGirl: First follower - first comment! Am I The Man or what? Actually, I got so excited I didn't even read the comics yet; I'm just loving the idea of the blog so much! And just what is that virginal bride in white and "friend" doing in the banner? Don't tell me. Let me guess. Please let me guess. -- Mykal

  2. Well, speaking of experience, I know it's possible to write a horror comic even if you're not allowed to be scary, since I read the post-code horrors as a kid in the 70s. And they scared the shit outta me! At least some of them. I had no idea those comics were much tamer than the ones from the 40s & 50s. Most of the time, the dark and gloomy artwork, and not the stories, did the trick.

  3. Congrats on your cool new blog!

    Nice job on the gruesome 'host' artwork (well, one of them is gruesome, anyway, and -hint hint- it's not Spectergirl)! I've been trying to do a similar thing on one o' my bloogs, too, but I haven't gotten it all organized yet. Great idea, great looking blog, fun comics for the first post! Well done! (I think between myself, Mykal, and you two, we have about 47 blogs now!)

    The first story was okay, but you really had me at 'giant vampire gorilla'! Keep up the nice work!

  4. Mykal: I'll let Spectergirl answer that one!

    Pidde: IF you read my post from yesterday (Easter Sunday) on Silver Age Gold you'll see how badly these things scared ME, when I was little.

    Apocolyte: I thought my portrait was rather dashing... in a Crypt Keeper-meets-Uncle Creepy kinda way! Nothing says "Unexpected" like Vampire Gorilla.

  5. Mykal: Um ... that's her mom. What kind of comics have you been reading?

    Pidde: Sadly I had never even seen a horror comic until I was at least 20 so I have had not real experience in whether or not they could be scary.

    Apocolyte: I was intrigue by the little known apocryphal detail about the tattoo.

  6. cool. great blog. think I might stick around for a wee while. . .

  7. Ghost: The one about the giant rabbit? Yeah, I read that.
    But hey, still today I'm afraid of ALL animals. I hate 'em. A giant bunny chasing me? Jesus! Or even worse: imagine a horse in the bedroom.
    And I remember a few panels from Tomb of Dracula I thought were extremely creepy. One episode ends with somebody's knocking on one of the character's door. The guy opens just to find his girlfriend - who's turned into a vampire. That sequence creeped me out.

  8. Spectergirl: Tattoo? The little guy who yells about de plane? I didn't notice any tattoos in either you mean the German Jesus with the huge gold cross hanging around his neck? Vas ist das mit der tattoo?
    - confused in Poughkeepsie

  9. Apocolyte: DAMN! Yeah on my faded copy I would have sworn the Jesus dude was sporting the mother of all tattoos and I didn't think to look at it once I had cleaned up the scans. The massive bling is not nearly as cool as having a bad-ass Jesus whose holy tat kills all those who look upon it. I'm just SO disappointment!

  10. Ya got my vote~! I've been wanting to see a blog JUST LIKE THIS for some time now (and have a zip-file of bronze horror goodies if yer interested~ RED CIRCLE SORCERY & MADHOUSE stuff). Banner is fab~!

  11. Lysdexicus: Glad you like it. Although I really love the classic EC's, Amy and I have a real fondness for the 70's brand of anthology horror.

    We'd be totally stoked to get ahold of that zip file, my friend.

    Thanks! Amy worked her @$$ off on that banner, and it shows!

  12. Good luck with the new blog... it finally feels like all the worthy eras of horror comics are now covered in the blogosphere.

    Adding you to the THOIA links!

  13. Karswell: Thanks! We've just added a bloglist to The Crypt and you are definitely on it!