Monday, April 12, 2010

Ghoulish Getaways

Hell-o, boys and ghouls! Your old uncle Ghosty is back to bring you more of the- ahem! - best tales of post-code terror. First up tonight, a tragic little tale of a happy couple who have just returned to the groom's ancestral home to settle in as man and wife. And who wouldn't love a honeymoon cottage with all the amenities: crumbling, moss-covered walls, a freaky, giggling, senile old butler and, best of all, a mysterious, locked room with eerie noises.

Makes me nostalgic for MY honeymoon.

Here, from Ghostly Haunts #57 we have "The Game Keeper", written and drawn by "Terrifying" Tom Sutton.

(Cover art by Tom Sutton)

Poor Avis, barely a bride and already a widow.

But not all of us gals are the settling down type. Take swinging Fernanda in "Flight into Fright". In this terrifying travelogue our groovy chick take a dream vacation with two swinging bachelors both with looks AND money. And at least one of them has a leopard-print vest. Talk about happenin'!

From Weird Mystery Tales #14 you can thank writer George Kashdan and artist Ernie Chua for this trip of terror.

Settle back and enjoy this tale with the men in your life.

(Cover art by Luis Dominque)

I don't know about you, but I hate watching other people vacation films.


  1. I like the Ernie Chua drawn story the best of the two featured here, but thanks for posting both of these gems.

    I also appreciate your interest in hosting a post-code horror blog, and have added a link from The Comic Book Catacombs.

  2. SpecterGirl: Loved the hell out of that first story. If I had to pick my favorite Charlton artist, Tom Sutton would be at the top of the list. This story is particularily good Sutton. Thanks for posting and keep up the good work. -- Mykal

  3. Hi. Nice blog, and nice to see "Weird Mystery Tales" getting some appreciation. As a kid I always thought it was the runt of DC's horror anthology litter but, as an adult, I think it's probably my favourite of them all, thanks to its noticeably tongue-in-cheek mentality.

  4. Chuck: We're so glad your enjoying it. Aaron and I have always had a real soft spot for the 60's & 70's horror comics and we had seen very few covered in other blogs. So after much set up we are finally up and running. Thanks for the link!

    Mykal: Tom Sutton is pretty groovy. His baroque style SCREAMS 70's Gothic.

    Steve: Thanks! I am also a big fan of "Weird Mystery Tales", along with "Witching Hour" and "Unexpected" (for god knows what reason). I find it pretty consistently entertaining. I remember discovering DELL "Ghost Stories" for the first time at a comic con, buying them up and being SO excited until I actually read them. SO sad. But at least they were cheap.

  5. Oh, these are just amazing -- I found your beautiful Blog via Joe Bloke's Grantbridge site. I was a real fan of these DC Horror comics in the mid 70's, and especially dig the Filipino artists like Yandoc, Alcala, Nino et al. Any scans of those would be deeply appreciated.

    Thanks for scanning these. Really so much appreciated. I haven't seen many of these stories for over thirty years.


  6. PS I love your graphics / title headers and art work at the top of your page -- brilliant stuff ! Very funny....

    These comics were excellent, and great to have another page devoted to their weirdness and humour.


  7. Flight into Fright is pretty great too, and I love the dialog on page 5: "No! Please! Don't come near me!" Hell, she asked nicely.

  8. Gnostic: We're glad you're enjoying our blog! You certainly can't cover 70's horror without covering the Filipino invasion. Spectergirl made our snazzy banner, I drew the spot illustrations of the hosts.

    Karswell: It is a widely-known fact that most monsters appreciate and respect common courtesy.

  9. Oh, your page is great, and very groovy -- being a youth of the late 70's, I am also reminded of bands like The Cramps that were also into the same vibes. They were not Goths of course, but garage band punks who had grown up with comic books and horror movies and obscure rockabilly thrash and surf punk bands.

    I was into all that too....ah, showing my age now.


  10. Gnostic: Ah The Cramps! They are a little ahead of my time really but I managed to see them in concert! As well as the Ramones. Great stuff. The Ramones is a particular favorite.

    Glad you're enjoying the blog! We are hoping to have some new stuff up tonight.

  11. You have a great Blog here....!!!
    we have been enjoying these posted comics.... (many of these we still have)