Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Dead is My Darling!", "The Spectral Avenger", "The Most Haunted House in England!" and "The Jinx that Rode the Skies"

With DC's Ghosts #23, you are sucked in by the sharp Nick Carty cover alone.

And, while the cover has nothing what-so-ever to do with any of the tales contained inside, this issue really is worth the read.

Our first tale is Dead Is My Darling! Thought I could not track down any writer credit, this story is graced with the art of Fred Carrillo, and that signature Filipino style works well for this ghostly tale of piracy, treasure and black magic.

And you have to respect a gal who can sport pumps in the jungle!

Our next story is set in the early years of World War II. The Spectral Avenger, with the art of Gerry Talaoc, reminds us that even the evil dead know that the Nazis sucked.

Okay, so this one is my favorite! With the terribly haunted Muncaster Castle as part of my own heritage, I have a weakness for the stuff. Unusual in that it talks briefly (3 whole pages) about Raynham Hall and the tales that circulate about the place, The Most Haunted House in England has a script by Carl Wessler and some fantastic art by J. Noriega.

Last, but not least, we have The Jinx that Rode the Skies. Quite frankly there are just not nearly enough anti-airship stories out there. Well with the art of Sam Glanzman, this story does its part to remedy that.

Ah, finally! Wasn't it worth the wait?


  1. Absolutely spine-chilling. And what makes it all the more terrifying is knowing that every single one of those stories is true. They must be. It says so on the cover.

  2. Serves those little snooping kids right; they deserve to get run through by a skeleton holding a pirate's sword.

  3. You're posts are always woth the wait! That last story was absolutely great, but that first Talaoc story is the shot. Someday that artist will get his due!

  4. At least the Red Cavalier is quite gentlemanly, even if his head is skull.

  5. Steve: If reading comics has taught me anything it is to always believe the covers.

    Rob! I'd like to know where their parents are.

    Mykal: I swear I have had this issue scanned for weeks but couldn't find (or never made) the time to post it. And I just got a post on Stan Lee after almost a month. How sad is that? Eventually I'll get back into the swing of things. But tonight I have PTA meeting. *SOB* Do you think they'll serve beer?

    Aaron: The Red Cavalier knows that the ladies go for a man with good manners even if his looks are wanting.

  6. Your page ,along with Grantbridge and Diversions of the Groovy Kind, are some of the few places where I can go to read comics I read thirty five years ago.

    Much appreciated -- they bring back many memories.

    Do you have any more Yandoc, Alcala and Nino there?


  7. As much as I enjoyed reading these treasures, I also have to admit that seeing them leaves me with a lingering sadness over the fact that comic book publishers - yes, that means you DC & Marvel - don't really do these types of stories anymore.

  8. Hello you good comics!
    Greets from Argentina: Rocket Power