Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"Last Sacrifice", "To You ... I Leave My Cat!" and "No Grave Can Hold Him!"

 I'll willing to admit it. The whole inspiration to add to this blog that has set dormant for three whole years was "To You ... I Leave My Cat!".

Are you kidding me! How awesome is a horror story about being bequeathed a cat seems to hate you. Yes, my husband says the worst thing you can inherit is a bird, but is most definitely wrong. Leave it to Doctor Graves to help me win an argument.

Originally printed under the Charlton title in April of 1971, my copy is a 1978 Modern Comics reissue. But don't worry, the stories are just as chilling.

With cover art, as well as the art of the Last Sacrifice and No Grave Can Hold Him, by Pat Boyette, this issue of The Many Ghost of Doctor Graves also features the Charlton go-to-team of Charles Nicholas and Vince Alasic - You might know them from almost every Charlton Romance Comic every published. - for both the teaser page feature and "To You ... I Leave My Cat!". Yes! With a title like that, they would be one ones I'd pick too.

That was totally worth the 25¢ I sent on it Friday.


  1. Awesome, I'm so glad you're back Spectergirl! I literally have been checking this blog almost every week since 2011.

    Now please don't take another hiatus!!

  2. SO glad you returned -- I love your page, and especially, the Filipino DC comics you have here. I followed your page years ago. Glad you started again ! Love the cat story !

  3. LOVE that cat story - the cat looks, so conceited and self assured.

    Plus he has a good way with a right hook ! Check that claw and fore arm lunge on the third page !

    I love your blog. I wish you'd update more often. It's one of the few places online that focuses on DC ( and related ) horror and the Filipine artists. Most blogs focus on EC style gore, which gets dull fast.

    Thanks again.

  4. We did some checking....
    My home town... has printing facilities
    that could handle your request of a "news print" ...
    That is Marshville , NC....